NYSSEN Dominique
13 février 2020, 23 h 11 min

Some can see in the Chopin Jazz Project a musical affiliation in line with the brilliant
idea of ​​the famous Jacques Loussier Trio “play Bach” which surprised and won a
huge international success from 1959.

The music of Jean-Sébastien Bach was wonderfully served by the Jazz
arrangements and the play of the pianist-composer Jacques Loussier along with
Christian Garros on drums and Pierre Michelot with the double bass for the first Trio.

Even in 2004, the same Jacques Loussier recorded the album “Impressions of
Chopin’s nocturnes”, he did it as a solo pianist, without reiterating an association with
Jazz which could also have served this composer.

Today, it is in a setting that Jean Cortès, double bassist, arranger of the Chopin Jazz
Project, associated with Claudio Celada pianist, and Piero Iannetti drummer-
percussionist, that all three jazzistically transcend the lyricism and modernism of the
huge Chopin.

Let’s thank the Chopin Jazz Project Trio for presenting us a beautiful jazzy romantic,
original and inspired walk; A real breath of fresh Jazz air, with great musical delicacy
and subtlety!

I never get tired of listening to “The Préludes of Jazz” the Chopin Jazz Project album,
which makes sense on stage for a live emotion, and sincerely wish to these talented
French musicians the recognition of a large audience, which in my opinion, awaits
these new title of nobility, which takes this shape of “bridge” or “crossover” of Jazz.

Dominique NYSSEN. Guitarist.

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